Spot Welded, Projection Welded, & Snap-In T-Nuts

A Leading Manufacturer of Commercial and Industrial T-Nuts

Johnson & Hoffman T-Nuts provide a full complement of load bearing, reusable metal threads in sheet metal, wood, and plastic. Additionally, J&H T-Nuts can be provided with weld projections for spot welding, nibs, or prongs for engagement in wood or plastic, and caps for various decorative applications. Various styles and thread sizes are available, including spotted weld, projection, and snap-in.

Spot Welded, Projection Welded, & Snap-In T-Nuts - Johnson and Hoffman - spot-weld

Capped/Round Base T-Nuts (with and without wood )
Thread Size T-Nut Type J&H Part Number
1/4 20 Spot Weld SS58002
1/4 20 Spot Weld SS58048
1/4 20 Spot Weld SS58554
10 32 Projection SS58274
5/16 18 Snap-In HS59281


Material Prefix
BS Brass CDA260
HS CRS1050
SS CRS1008/1010
NS Stainless Steel
XS CRS1008/1010 - Assembled
XH CRS1050 - Assembled
XX CRS1008/1010 & CRS1050 Assembled