Commercial Industrial Finish Codes

Finish Codes for Common Industrial and Commercial Surface Finishes

Johnson & Hoffman offers a variety of quality surface finishes to meet a wide range of needs in the commercial and industrial marketplace.

Commercial Industrial Finish Codes - Johnson and Hoffman - commercial-group

Commercial Industrial Finish Codes
Finish Code Description
K0100 Clean Only (all materials)
K1110 Bright Nickel Plate
K1210 Racked Nickel Plate
K1611 Chrome over Bright Nickel Plate
K1711 Chrome over Racked Nickel Plate
K1821 Chrome over Racked Nickel & Buffed
K2915 Zinc Plate
K3220 Zinc Plate & Yellow Chromate Dip
K3320 Zinc Plate & Black Chromate Dip
K4500 Heavy Zinc Phosphate Coating
K4700 Heavy Zinc Phosphate & Rust Veto Oil
K4800 Black Oxide & Oil
K5900 Cleaned & Oiled (all materials)
K6140 Zinc Plating & Clear Chromate Dip
K9399 Mechanical Zinc Plate - Peen