Serving Global Markets with Precision Metal Stampings and Deep Drawn Parts

Johnson & Hoffman offers precision engineering solutions designed and prototyped in-house by our highly-experienced engineering team. Our transfer press and progressive die capabilities provide maximum manufacturing flexibility and efficiency for your unique design requirements.

Johnson & Hoffman Capabilities:

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Design & Engineering

  • J&H’s engineering department works directly with each customer and our in-house tool room to design and prototype a tool that meets all your needs


  • Copper alloys including BeCu, phosphor bronze, and aluminum alloys
  • Both stainless and carbon steels
  • Inconel 600 and 625 alloys


  • J&H progressive and eyelet stamping capabilities are split among 60 machines
  • Our progressive stamping capabilities include up to 220-ton capacity


  • J&H and its employees are dedicated to achieving total customer satisfaction, complying with all requirements, and continuous improvement
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  • Ultrasonic and rotary systems are used for cleaning
  • Alternative methods of finishing include tumbling, deburring, and polishing

Value Added Services

  • Heat treating, plating, and brazing
  • Cold forming
  • Assembly and custom packing